Lena has been working at KPW Lawyers for three years and is an integral member of our family here at KPW Lawyers.

Lena is the gatekeeper of our office and is often the first person you will speak to when booking an appointment or making an enquiry.

Born in Myrtleford, Lena has worked in the legal industry for thirty-six years. She has a wealth of experience, and is a handy translator for any Italian clients who require our assistance.

Lena has an incredible background that has allowed her to treat each client with empathy and respect.

One of Lena’s most significant impacts is her contribution to the famous HMAS Melbourne/Voyager Personal Injury case which made history in Australia. This case began in James Taylor’s practice with Lena at the helm and shortly became one of the most successful personal injury claims in Australian Legal History. Lena is proud of the twenty-five year contribution she made to those cases, and if you are interested you can read up on the history of the matter by searching it on the internet.

Call us on 1300 074 182 to speak with Lena, and let KPW Lawyers assist you with your legal matter.