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Book your free initial consultation with KPW lawyers. With offices in Albury, Wodonga, Howlong, Wagga Wagga and Sydney we service legal matters across NSW and Victoria. We can offer same day appointments for Commercial and Employment Law, Conveyancing, Wills, Probate and more. If you can’t see the service you need give our team a call.

What KPW Lawyers can help you with and what is Commercial law?

We are proud to offer a breadth of legal services across the Riverina in NSW from Griffith to Wagga and regional Victoria, covering Wodonga, Wangaratta and beyond. We can help individuals, small business owners and commercial enterprises with:

Commercial Litigation 

We offer a comprehensive commercial litigation service, covering all aspects of dispute resolution including mediation, arbitration and court proceedings. Our lawyers understand a wide range of legal areas including contract law, construction law, breach of duty claims and torts including defamation and actions against the state for assaults, battery, false imprisonment and malicious prosecutions by state and federal police and other government authorities.


For the individual, we understand that buying or selling property is a significant financial and often emotive process. We help give our clients clarity and comprehensive advice and help take the stress out of this complex process. We can also assist with commercial sales, purchases and large scale developments as we have extensive experience in helping businesses navigate all of the opportunities and challenges that pertain to such transactions.

Employment Law

We are well versed in workplace discrimination, unfair dismissal, employment contracts and this entire sphere of law and help our clients understand their rights and entitlements as an employee or employer – a vital part of maintaining an efficient and effective workplace.

Estate Planning 

We help our clients achieve peace of mind which is what this process is ultimately designed for. We help you set up all the necessary structures in your personal life and/or business to ensure your assets are distributed and dealt with in the manner that you wish. This process is rooted in supporting your beneficiaries according to your personal wishes. In doing so, you can avoid difficulties and disagreements between the parties linked to your Estate.

Wills and Contested Wills

We recommend that all our clients have a Will. This helps you control how your Estate is distributed when you pass away, how you are cared for in the later stages of your life and outlines the care for the children you have responsibility for. We can guide you through this process step by step. Failing to prepare a Will can leave important decisions about your Estate and loved ones in the hands of others and cause unnecessary stress for your family.

Succession Planning 

We support our clients with the creation of a strategy for passing on leadership roles within business entities as and when they become vacant. This essential planning stage helps our clients prepare for the future.

Debt Recovery

We support our clients through the process to recover debts owed from suppliers, customers, or other businesses. We will efficiently work with you to maximise your recovery, taking care of the entire debt recovery process from start to finish. We support our clients through taking away the worry and stress so you can focus on running your business.

Commercial transactions in NSW, VIC and the ACT

At KPW we can assist with all commercial transactions in NSW, VIC and the ACT. We have the professionals to assist with buying and selling business, due diligence, preparation and review of contracts. Every transaction should be independently advised by a lawyer and an accountant, and we can connect you with right team.

If you are thinking of buying into a franchise, we have the experience to guide you through all the legal documents.

For commercial litigation and debt collection, we will get results and will always try to mediate a solution, if we need to go court, we will see you though in any court in NSW, VIC or ACT.

The complexities of Commercial Law and the benefits of using of using regional Lawyers

At KPW, we know that Commercial Law issues can be very complicated, especially when they involve multiple parties. We are nimble enough to operate from and for our regional communities and support our clients out to the larger cities as necessary, we don’t shy away from distance. We go where you need us to.

Working with KPW Lawyers, you can feel assured that whatever your personal circumstances and challenges are, we endeavour to meet your individual needs through diligent and tailored problem solving from in-house lawyers who have gained extensive experience both nationally and internationally. You are in safe hands, with our combined experience of over 100 years of legal experience.

At KPW Lawyers, our point of difference is that we stay with you every step of the way and we work efficiently for you. We’re proud of this way of working and keeping legal costs to all that is necessary – it is what keeps our client referral and satisfaction rates high.

These are just some of the many Commercial Law matters that we handle at KPW. Often our clients can require assistance with more than one matter so get in touch with us to get the clarity you need. We’re happy to offer you a free consultation where we can explore the best solution for your current situation.

Why our clients continue to choose KPW Lawyers as their trusted law firm 

Below are some examples of Commercial Law services that KPW can support you with:

  • Examine and draft contracts and memoranda
  • Help with creating trusts, partnerships, and companies
  • Initiate court proceedings and prepare trial documents
  • Secure legal requirements to obtain review and permits
  • Prepare for commercial restructuring, examine and dissolutions
  • File paperwork with and provide advice for PPSA
  • Participate in negotiation and mediation proceedings
  • Navigate contested wills
  • Support with Elder Law and grandparents’ rights

The cost of our legal services 

Our pricing is transparent. Being straightforward, honest and upfront is at the heart of how we conduct business. No matter how big or small your legal matter is, our goal is to resolve your matter diligently and efficiently – this is what keeps our clients coming back to us and makes us an easy law firm to work with.

Some commercial legal matters that come to us can fall into a fixed fee category. However, there are some matters, mainly civil, family and criminal litigation that will be presented as a projected or estimated cost, depending on the complexity. We will ensure we talk you through all legal fees so there are no surprises.

A snapshot of fixed fee legal work at KPW 

  • Fixed Price Conveyancing (Purchasing/Selling): From $1,400 (plus GST) + Disbursements
  • Wills: Prices vary depending on whether you want additional documents/people – simple wills start at $300.00 (plus GST) for 1 person for 1 will.
  • Sale of Business (Vendor/Purchaser representation): $1,700 (plus GST).

We welcome queries in relation to any legal matter.

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